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Sorauren Farmers' Market

Are you growing something unique to other farmers? Do you have a sustainably grown product that is unlike any other? We are now accepting applicants for our 2015 season.
If you are interested in joining our farmers' market please click the appropriate link below and fill out our application form.
Please be aware that our market grows slowly and adds only a few vendors each year. If you would like to be considered for our 2015 outdoor season you must fill out an application form.
All vendors must be selling foods from their own farms or, in the case of prepared food makers, foods they have made themselves.
Each vendor will have a 10x10 space to sell.
Vendors must agree and adhere to our market policy.
The Market is INSIDE for the winter
Our year-round market has grown in size and popularity since we first opened in 2008.
On November 3rd we moved inside for the winter season.
Many of your favorite vendors attend every week. Check our list on our main page and look for updates at West End Food Co-op Sorauren Farmers' Market on Facebook.
On offer is fresh, local, organic or sustainaly grown foods.
The market is a one-stop-shop and an essential way to connect eaters with farmers.
We strongly support new farmers and producers.
The sense of community will draw you in, the delicious food will bring you back.

Market News

The last market day of a great year.

At the end of every year we seem to review the successes and...challenges that the past year brought us.
This last market year was a great one, despite the slow, cold weather and ice storms.
The market brought out more people than ever. We were able to get more breathing room as we expanded into the town square while keeping the much desired grassy space of the field where kids could play surrounded by vendors.
More people were participating and engaging in their food community and in turn more farmers and local producers were supported and their businesses growing stronger. As a group we kept almost 3/4 of a million dollars within our local food economy. That's huge! Just think of all of the meals that made!!
Our impact was more than on the food economy. We gave the opportunity to perform to over 25 musicians and we were well entertained. We connected with atleast 15 community groups who were able to inform people about their organizations. We were supported by more that 20 volunteers. And a countless number of children were educated through our kid's programs and by coming to the market each week, leaving with food for thought.
Way to go everyone! Hope you had as much fun as we did. Let's keep it growing!
Happy New Year!!