Farm-Direct: Buy the Bushel Program

Through the Farm Direct: Buy the Bushel program, you can pre-order larger quantities of farm-direct foods through the co-op.  This program allows you to purchase fruits or vegetables directly from our local farmers at a reduced rate, but is only available for a limited time.   Produce is available usually in bushels or half-bushels (smaller, more sensitive produce may be in smaller sized baskets instead).

Buy the Bushel campaigns occur every 2 weeks or so in the late Spring through Fall.  When you see a Buy the Bushel campaign, snatch it up while you can!  Registration is usually limited and certain Ontario produce is only available for a few weeks time.  If we get a lot of interest, we will instate a waiting list and if we are able to get more of a specific fruit or vegetable, those on the waiting list will get first priority.  Examples of past crops featured in this program include: Strawberries, organic Rhubarb, Sweet Cherries, Sour Cherries, organic Peaches, low-spray Peaches, wild Blueberries, organic Apples, low-spray Apples, Pears, and more!


Ordering through our Buy the Bushel program guarantees that you will receive your share of the fresh fruits and veggies as they come into season, and in turn supports our local farmers by providing them with a direct market to sell to customers.

What can we do with a whole bushel?  Here are some fun suggestions:

  • Preserve your local fruits/veggies by canning, making jams, sauces, or pickles.  If you're new to these techniques, our  Canning Workshops or CSO are a great way to get started!
  • Make pies.  And crumbles, and tarts, and crisps, and cobblers.  And preserve the rest to make ready-to-use pie filling for the next time you are in the mood to bake.
  • Get some friends or family together and purchase a bushel to divide amongst you all.  It's a cheaper way to all enjoy the seasonal bounty Ontario has to offer.
  • Throw a peach party.  At the peak of season, the hottest fruits and veggies are bound to attract friends of all sorts.  See what kinds of dinner parties you can throw with a local food theme.  How many ways can you incorporate peaches into your meal?  Peaches in salads, grilled peaches on the BBQ... the possibilities are endless!