Through the Farm Direct program, you can pre-order larger quantities of farm-direct foods through the co-op.  We have direct relationships with local farmers who provide seasonal produce and/or year-round meats which you can pick up in bulk at our co-op store.  Meats are available all-year-round, and are usually available in freezer boxes with a variety of cuts available.

Ordering through our Farm-Direct program means regularly stocking your freezer with enough meats to last you throughout the entire season, with regular pick-ups every week.  By purchasing meats in bulk, you are saving money and also helping our meat farmers secure a regular source of income throughout the year.

Currently, we have Grass-fed Beef from Hoffnung Farms, a Mennonite group of farmers who practice traditional, ethical animal raising methods.

All meats are frozen and packed in individual packages (butcher paper for the beef, plastic for the chicken).   Order by Sunday at 6:00 pm and pick up anytime between 9am and 9pm Thursday of that week.



10Lb box - $85

  • 1 Roast
  • 2-3 steaks
  • 1-2lbs stewing beef or ribs
  • 3-4lbs ground beef

2x 10lb box - $160

3x 10lb box - $235

For more info on the Hoffnung Farmers see info in store. For more info on the benefits of grass fed beef check this out:

Please note that grass fed beef should be treated differently than grain fed beef, and steaks shouldn't be eaten "well done". For some tips on cooking grass fed beef checkout: