Sorauren Farmers’ Market Policy

Mission Statement

The Sorauren Farmers’ Market aims to create a community-supported market of local farmers and producers, providing access to all in our community to quality foods and fostering relationships between farmers, food makers, and community.

Our Goal: To create a direct relationship between farmers/food producers and consumer; To support local, ecological and sustainable food production.

The Sorauren Farmers’ Market is a project of the West End Food Coop. It runs year round on Mondays from 3-7pm at 50 Wabash Avenue. From May to October we are outside. From November to May we are open inside the Field House.

A vendor must have permission from the SFM in order to participate in the market. All vendors must comply with the Vendor Agreement. It is the responsibility of all vendors to be aware of the conditions stated within the policy.


All Vendor Products


  • All must follow sustainable food practices, growing ecologically, being low waste and making choices that protect the environment.


  • All vendors must sell their own products. Only those with approval can bring limited items from a neighbor farm.


  • Vendors submit a list of items for sale on their application form.

  • Items are subject to approval prior to selling at the market.

  • A request must be made when new items are added to the list.


  • No imported items are accepted without approval. The only exceptions will apply to items that cannot be grown locally.


  • We do not support the selling of any GMO products or ingredients .


  • Re-selling of items from the food terminal is not permitted. Should a vendor be discovered doing this, they will lose all privilege to sell at the market.


  • If you run a csa and sell shares at the market all products must be from your farm.


Farmers Products


  • All farmers must grow using sustainable and ecological practices. Organic Certified farms will be labeled as such.

  • Signage for “organics” refers to certified organic. Those selling items that are not certified must use an alternate descriptor such as “non-certified organic” or “sustainably grown”.


  • 75%-100% of the products sold must be grown/raised on the vendor’s farm.

  • Farmers are permitted to bring up to 25% from a neighboring farm should the appropriate

    conditions be met.

  • Neighboring farms must be either certified organic or use organic practices.

  • We have the right to refuse items from other farms that do not fit with our criteria or the needs of the market.

  • Vendor selling items from neighbors must:
    Provide management with List of items
    Provide Name, Location and Contact info of neighboring farm.
    Provide Farming practices of neighboring farm.
    Label items to inform patrons where produce was grown/raised.
    Post a card with Neighbor Farm Name visible to patrons.

  • Farmers may only sell vegetables from a neighboring farm if no other farmer at market has grown and is selling this vegetable. Neighbor items must not be more than 25% of what is brought to market.

  • Farmers selling season fruits may only bring 25% of their total from a neighboring farm.

  • Farmers selling meat may only bring 25% of their total from a neighboring farm. Preference is given to people raising the meat themselves.

  • There will be no monopoly on a product. We will work to protect the interests of all vendors by not over saturating.

  • From January through to April farmers may supplement their produce for sale with up to 50% of produce from a neighboring farm should they meet the necessary neighbor farm conditions.


Prepared Food Products


  • Prepared food vendors must sell their own products and use local ingredients whenever possible.


  • Items must be prepared in a certified kitchen and be served by someone with a Food Handler’s Certificate.


  • Vendors should work towards establishing relationships with local farmers/producers and use their produce as much as possible.


  • All market participants (vendors, volunteers, market workers) are expected to treat all other participants with courtesy and respect. This includes refraining from any negative comments regarding other businesses and personnel in communication with patrons, volunteers, staff, and other vendors.

  • Issues with the business practices of other vendors or other concerns should be brought to the attention of the Market Committee.

  • Complaints must be made in writing.

  • The Market Committee will meet with vendors when there is conflict to work towardsresolving any issues. If no resolution can be met and problems continue, vendors who are unwilling to cooperate may be asked to leave the market.


  • Vendors will demonstrate excellent customer service at all times.

  • Vendors will respect customers, fellow vendors and staff and will maintain the warm friendly ambiance of The Market.

  • We appreciate that Market vendors are independent entities and have their own businesses to look after; however, the actions and conduct of a vendor can impact and reflect upon the Sorauren Farmers Market and the enjoyment of those visiting and shopping on site.

  • Be supportive of all facility group users, appreciate that The Market is a multi-use facility enjoyed and embraced by all residents of the City of Greater Toronto.

  • Respect the rules, the City by-laws and facility staff.

  • Refrain from damaging municipal property.

  • Ensure that your children are properly supervised.

  • Maintain your self-control at all times.

  • West End Food Co-op, as Managers of the Sorauren Farmer’s Market has a zero tolerance policy for harassment and violence in the workplace.

  • The Market Code of Conduct has been developed to ensure a positive and safe environment for visitors and vendors. Customers, visitors and vendors are reminded that being involved in the Sorauren Farmer’s Market is a privilege and not a right.

  • Tolerance policy for all forms of verbal and physical abuse, harassment and disruptive behaviour. Those who violate this code of conduct will be asked to leave the market.

Vendors who do not comply with the Standard Terms and Conditions outlined in The Market Vendor Agreement, and the guidelines set out in this Market Policy, may be subject to discipline based on the nature and severity of the offence, which can vary from a verbal warning to cancellation of the official vendor permit and suspension from The Sorauren Farmer’s Market property for a set period of time.

Please Note: Vendors subject to discipline will not be eligible for refunds of money lost due to disciplinary measures.


  • Vendors are not guaranteed a location. All efforts will be made to keep a vendor in the same spot for a season. They have no ownership over the location and may be moved by management.

  • Should a vendor be absent, management will chose to fill the spot with any vendor they decide best suits the needs of the market.