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Themes of the Farm Visits project:

  1. How did the farmer(s) come to farming and its way of life?
  2. What is the land like, the farm like, and how did it develop?
  3. Permaculture - What is it?  Is it widely practiced?
  4. Soil Building - Many would say this is the foundation of organic agriculture
    and the main feature that distinguishes it from conventional
  5. Practices: Pest Management and Irrigation
  6. Science and Study

On July 8, 2018 five members of the Farmers' Market Committee paid visits to three farms that are just west of Toronto:

Visitors with Pat Kozowyk, Puck photographing
Farmer Pat Kozowyk, centre, at Baba Link Farm with visitors, from left, Eric Lee,
Agata Gidzinski, Clara Luke and Helen Acraman.
Visitor Puck Graafland photographing.


Visitors with Dan and Michaela, Clara photographing
Visitors to Healing Hands Farm, standing, from left, Puck Graafland, Helen Acraman and
Eric Lee, seated Farmers Dan Fuller and Michaela Cruz, and visitor Agata Gidzinski.
Visitor Clara Luke photographing

Puck Graafland took the photographs and Eric Lee wrote the text; it is from his point of view and does not claim to be comprehensive.