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Our 4 years space agreement with Parkdale Community Health Centre expired in 2016 and has been extended for an additional 2 years.  After four great years of sharing space at the Parkdale Community Health Centre, the West End Food Co-op is seeking a new location at meeting our growing needs. Our organization is in the initial process of finding a new space for a moving date.

The Parkdale Community Health Centre has future plans for the space that WEFC currently resides in.  We see this as a remarkable opportunity to grow as an organization, and to continue to build upon our mission of community and worker-driven efforts in the West End.

The timing suits us well (relocation plans by September 2018), and we are excited to embark on this new adventure with our dedicated members, Worker team, and Board of Directors. Stay tuned for updates, as we post them on our blog RIGHT HERE!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach us at WEFCSign

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November 2017

We had 3 in-person Visioning Sessions in September and October, each with our general membership, our staff and board, and one open to all.  Each session was valuable in its input and discussion, each bringing forth unique ideas and proposed solutions.  We thank everyone for coming out and contributing.

Now YOU can still contribute to the discussion!  Click Here or on the button above to fill out our online survey and let us know your thoughts on the future of WEFC.




The "Transition" is the current time we're referring to, where we know that WEFC will be leaving its current location and transitioning to a new facility.  Since we don't quite know what this looks like yet, we are calling it a "transitional time".  We're in the stages of seeking a new space, visioning what we want for WEFC in the long-term, and planning for this move.

We are currently situated in the street level of the Parkdale Community Health Centre (PCHC) at 1229 Queen Street West.  The PCHC has future plans for the space that we are currently occupying.  We have had 4 great years here, and a wonderful partnership with the PCHC.  We wish them the best of luck in their endeavors.

We have not yet settled on a new location for the West End Food Co-op, but are consulting with various community partners of ours and our network about what possibilities are out there for us.  This is an exciting opportunity for WEFC to re-think what our needs are as a growing business.  As soon as we know where we will be relocating to, we will update this page!

It's in our name, so we need to!  It wouldn't make much sense if we didn't stay west, right?

We love, LOVE being in Parkdale and ideally would love to stay in Parkdale to serve the membership base that we have built over the years.  Since opening our doors in 2012, we have grown from 1000 members to 8000+ members with the vast majority of new members living nearby.  We are dedicated to trying to find a space in the west end of Toronto, and are open to possibilities.

Thank you for being a bondholder!  We will continue to pay back your bond(s) as planned throughout the transition.  If you have specific questions about your bond, please contact us at

We've been given until September 2018 to find a new space and relocate.  While we are still looking for a new location, we can generally say that we will be relocating some time before or during September 2018.

Why, right here of course!   Keep checking this page for updates.

You can fill out the survey via the button above and have your say about the future of WEFC!  Soon we will have more info available including a fundraising campaign, a wishlist of items we'll need, and of course call-outs for volunteers.  Until then, you can keep on supporting us by shopping at WEFC or visiting our farmers' market on Mondays in Sorauren Park.  Oh, and if you hear of any great commercial rental opportunities nearby, feel free to leave us a tip by contacting our Move Committee at

(not technically a question...) but if you're hungry, you can still find us at 1229 Queen Street West open 9am-9pm every weekday, and 10am-7pm every weekend.  And of course our Sorauren Farmers' Market is open every Monday 3pm-7pm in Sorauren Park.  Come on by, we'd love to see you!

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